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Being in the wedding industry for 7 plus years, I’ve learned a few things!! My couples will attest, I’m not only their photographer, but a wedding planner of sorts! People always ask me why I chose weddings as my genre, and the answer is always the same, I LOVE WEDDINGS! The dress, the tux, the decor and so so much more (did that rhyme??)! So, I’ve decided to share some tid-bits I’ve learned along the way… Hope you enjoy my first “Wedding Wednesday,” post… schedule style!!

Below you will find a handy little chart with “tasks,” to complete before your wedding day! Now… this of course is an estimate, so don’t panic if you’re behind!  I’ve seen the bravest of brides complete their planning in under 6 mths., but if you’re like me, you’ll want to space things out to make it as less stressful as possible! So… get out those binders and research those venues… you have a wedding to plan!




Cheers! Natalie


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